In a dynamic environment like that of an airport, it is essential to use the very best communication technologies. We take advantage of new developments to ensure efficient, problem-free communication.

Control of Jet Bridges

As part of our nonstop efforts to introduce improvements at Fraport Ground Services, a new communication technology is now being used. Handheld devices let jet bridge operators efficiently handle every job and optimize processes. They also offer many useful additional features, for example, providing information on flight schedule changes so passengers can be notified.

Efficient Ground Communication

Innovative communication solutions are also essential for smooth, problem-free ground services. Our Virtual Private Network (VPN) concept is an example for such a reliable solution. In it, the functions and roles performed by our departments are saved under aliases corresponding to different devices or vehicles. Any desired function or role can thus be quickly and flexibly reached via the corresponding alias, independently of who actually does the work.

All of our departments use GSM cellular networks for voice communication and process control. They employ robust terminal devices that deliver significantly better voice quality than those typical of trunked radio systems. This ensures more reliable, better-quality transmission of data and information to our interfaces.