GCC - Ground Control Center

In August 2011 we established a new Ground Control Center with state-of-the-art workplaces. It is mainly responsible to planning, coordinating, and controlling all of our baggage services and ramp operations.

Remote PCs

In the new offices, instead of each worker having their own workstation there are innovative high-performance host computers located in separate, cooled equipment rooms, each of which can virtualize multiple desktop machines. Each user’s keyboard, mouse, and monitor are linked to one of the remote computers by digital IP-based technology that transmits high-resolution, good-quality signals. This setup has various advantages. For one, workplace noise and heat is significantly reduced. For another, the computers can be flexibly assigned to users. It is also considerably easier to keep track of and efficiently manage all of the process interfaces involved in ground handling.

In addition, the Ground Control Center is equipped with voice over IP (VoIP) telephones for making calls over the Internet. Headsets are used for greater flexibility, and also help cut down on noise. Telephone books are conveniently integrated in the phones.

Ergonomic Desks

It is very important for our employees to enjoy good health – and not only for their own sake, but also for the company’s. Fraport Ground Services has therefore equipped the Ground Control Center with innovative, ergonomic desks. They are suitable for working while sitting or standing up, and can be conveniently adjusted to each worker’s body size. Flexibly adjustable lamps additionally enhance the work environment.

The implemented innovations and outstandingly easy-to-use new equipment and furnishings help make sure that the staff of our Ground Control Center are alert and available to serve our customers at all times. Advanced safeguards to prevent system failures additionally guarantee that our customers’ needs are consistently met.