Our Handling Portal is a web-based application that lets our customers take advantage of the services of Fraport Ground Services using any PC and browser.

Our customers can use it to order custom-tailored passenger transport, jet bridges, or cargo transport. The status of every ordered service – from submitting the order across confirmation to job performance and completion – can also be conveniently viewed and tracked.

In the past, orders were usually placed over the phone, by fax, or in person, and the data had to be entered by hand. Today, the Handling Portal enables end-to-end digitization of the entire process, from ordering to fulfillment. The application is menu-driven and intuitive, letting customers simply choose a service. This considerably facilitates the ordering process and renders it more transparent. The Handling Portal is always available, so orders can be placed at any time of the day or night regardless of whether a customer service representative can be reached or not.

The Handing Portal was jointly developed by Fraport Ground Services and the Fraport department for Information and Communication Services. It is an open, forward-looking system that underscores the capabilities and farsightedness of the involved Fraport employees and significantly improves the level of service quality our customers enjoy.