Efficient and Forward-Looking

Ground handling accounts for a large part of Fraport AG’s daily activities – each year our Ground Services division provides a wide range of services for around 210,000 aircraft. To continue performing at this level and above all to extend the scope and quality of the services we provide, speed, precision, and especially the use of the latest technologies are vital.

More than 130 airlines from around the world rely on our ground handling services. To meet their expectations, we employ a unique digital communication system that does away with inefficient paper-based processes. Our mobile information system for loading and offloading services, called MoblS-L, is a major, innovative step forward in implementing high-tech aircraft handling. Our personnel use handheld MobIS-L devices that wirelessly receive and transmit flight schedules as well as loading and baggage data. All activities are digitally captured and documented, which lets us keep our customers informed flexibly – free of errors and in considerably better quality. Continuous monitoring of all handling processes also boosts transparency to significantly facilitate the work of our loading supervisors.

Continual Improvement

Fraport Ground Services works constantly to expand the system’s functionality in order to respond even more flexibly to our customers’ requirements and the dynamically changing challenges of the ground handling business. After MobIS-L proved its value for our passenger services, we extended its use to cargo aircraft.