In order to succeed in our highly competitive industry, among other things by steadily reducing turnaround times, it is essential for us to systematically introduce improvements. To support this, we are gradually unifying our processes and equipment and establishing company-wide standards.

IT Consolidation and Common Standards

It is indispensable for us to regularly survey and consolidate our IT system landscape. This helps us avoid excessive complexity while optimally meeting the prerequisites for efficient business processes. Our IT systems must consistently meet all of our customers’ growing ground handling requirements. This calls for high-performance systems that minimize administrative overhead and provide standardized user interfaces. We want our departments and customers to receive exactly the information and solutions they need. While applying the principle of “the same software for the same tasks”, we work steadfastly to advance the consolidation of our system landscape in order to optimize our services. We attach great importance to harmonizing the goals, strategies, architectures, services, and processes of our IT and other departments.

To an increasing extent, we are also utilizing the same hardware solutions in various areas, which helps keep things as simple as possible. For example, for some time now Fraport Ground Services has been using the same tablet PCs for many functions, including transport, loading, and offloading. In addition to meeting the demanding requirements of the work done on the apron, they excel with absolute reliability, a very user-friendly touch screen, and practical high-quality accessories.