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Our handling of executive and private aviation flights is a real premium product. We offer first class reception and excellent customer service, taking care of any individual requirements and performances.

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General Aviation Terminal (GAT)

The GAT is the ideal place for business jets and private aircraft to take off and land in Frankfurt. To ensure hassle-free, rapid entry into and departure from Germany, the terminal includes its own customs inspection and passenger screening facilities.

There are conference rooms right in the GAT for holding meetings conveniently close to aircraft while their crews relax in a dedicated lounge. The terminal’s location in the south of the airport and its proximity to Germany’s most important motorway junction enable fast access and onward travel using ground transportation.

Our Executive Aviation Terminal Services are available daily from 06.00 until 22.00 LOC; H24 PPR; FBO 24h.

For more information download the Conditions of Use and Charges.

German Version: Conditions of Use and Charges

Directions: How to find the General Aviation Terminal.

Premium Services

Members of our Fraport Executive Aviation team are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to personally meet your wishes. We’re experienced experts and used to providing a wide range of premium services. They include looking after guests and crews, an exclusive fleet of vehicles for ground transportation, and complete aircraft handling.
Our ability to access the Fraport Group’s extensive network and resources when necessary makes us an especially reliably and flexible partner.

Landside Services

After your arrival or before your departure, we’re also happy to arrange third-party services such as VIP catering, hotel rooms, limousines, or rental cars. Fraport Executive Aviation also takes care of applying for takeoff and landing slots and charging aviation security fees. You receive a single itemized invoice from us that includes all charges.



Airside Services

We provide comfortable apron transportation between aircraft and the GAT for passengers, crews, and luggage. In addition, we ensure a pleasant stay for crew members in a separate lounge. Fraport Executive Aviation communicates with aircraft using company frequencies, receives and secures aircraft, reports flight data and TOBT, and provides crews with weather and flight control information. We naturally also arrange for and coordinate any special services (such as loading and unloading, fresh water, fueling, deicing, etc.) required for certain types of aircraft (including air ambulances) or special guests.

The Fraport Executive Aviation Terminal is located just south of the runway 25L/07R at Frankfurt Airport. The terminal is a convenient vantage point from where visitors can reach downtown Frankfurt or continue traveling on to all major business cities in Germany and Europe. Combined with its welcoming atmosphere and attentive individual care, the terminal's excellent location ensures effective service without delays.

Fraport Executive Aviation (formerly FRAGAS)
Fraport AG
Ground Services
Fraport Executive Aviation Terminal (GAT / Building 514)
60547 Frankfurt / Main

Phone: +49 69 690-71718 or -71719
Fax: +49 69 690-59446 or - 58393
VHF 130.100 MHZ C/S "Fraport Executive"

Operating hours 06.00 until 22.00 LOC; H24 PPR

Kai Kowalewski

Manager Operations Fraport Executive Aviation

k.kowalewski@fraport.de +49 69 690 71414
Contact Executive Aviation

Fraport AG Executive Aviation Building 514/GAT (General Aviation Terminal) 60547 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

+49 69 690-71719 +49 69 690- 71718

General Aviation Terminal (GAT) SITA: FRAAG7X VHF: 131.885 MHZ C/S "Fraport Executive Aviation"