Customer Service

Expression of our individual customer care concept is our Customer Service Center - as the central point of contact for our customers - and the operations coordination team, coordinating the overall handling.

Following the corporate philosophy of "one face to the customer", each airline is assigned one customer care manager who is responsible ensuring compliance with the individually agreed service and quality standards to our customers' full satisfaction. Airlines with a separate cargo division are assigned a specialized customer care manager with cargo expertise. Combined more than 40 years of airport, airline and cargo experience are gathered in the Customer Service Center.

  • Liaison with the Airline's Station Management
  • Prompt assistance with queries, requests and wishes
  • Pro-active communication with the customer in case of basic operational issues
  • Sustainable solution of issues
  • Profound and active help for new airlines wishing to set up business at Frankfurt-Airport
  • Support beyond handling services (i.e. airline celebrations, relocation assistance, audits, special flights etc.)

All our services provided are continuously reviewed by a standard setting quality management system with regard to quality, speed of delivery and customer satisfaction. Measures include regular surveys with airlines regarding service quality, participation in customer meetings and involvement in quality control measures. If necessary, customer can also be contracted directly. The results verify our reliable quality level. This is also validated by our annual Customer Service Index (a measurement for our customer satisfaction), which is conducted by an independent research institute as part of the "Customer Barometer Airlines" survey.