Passenger Services

  • Station representation
  • Check-in of passengers and baggage
  • Check-in facilities at the long-distance railway station
  • Boarding of passengers
  • TicketingBaggage tracing (lost & found)
  • Arrival Service
  • Individual services upon airline requests

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We understand that passenger-related services are one of the most crucial factors in determining the success of an airline's operations. With your success in mind, our Passenger Services therefore cover a comprehensive range of service offers which can be structured to ideally meet the individual demands of each of our customers.

Fast, flexible and friendly, our professional and responsive Passenger Services team attends to your passengers with exactly the degree of personal individual attention that you require. Multicultural and highly competent, we provide a friendly and experienced team whose origins and languages are just as varied as those of your passengers. We cover the full palette of check-in services, which we can tailor to specific client needs. For example, using our own check-in technology or communicating with our clients' systems via graphical interface, we can provide our airline customers with full onsite check-in capabilities, even if they do not regularly maintain a station of their own at Frankfurt Airport. Moreover, by partially dedicating our teams to our customers, we help ensure a heightened awareness of each carrier's individual product.

Upon arrival of the aircraft, the Special Services team assist the disembarking travellers. Meet & Greet staff advises transfer passengers about their connections and can arrange for individual CIP/VIP assistance. In the event of delayed or cancelled flights, our Special Services team can also assist in rebooking customers as per carrier's instructions.

Baggage delivery upon arrival is an important factor to the overall reception of the carrier's product. Should your passengers encounter problems, such as damaged or missing baggage upon arrival, our Lost & Found team is there to help. With full WorldTracer™ access, our team works diligently to find the missing baggage and to forward it to the customer as soon as possible.

  • Weight and balance services with provision of load planning and load sheet
  • Provision of ramp supervision
GH - Flight Ground Ops


Our Ground Operations provide electronic data processing load planning and load control for all types of passenger and cargo aircraft in order to ensure safe and efficient load distribution inside the aircraft. All load control staff successfully passed a comprehensive in-house training in accordance with the applicable IATA/JAR recommendations including a dangerous goods course. Multiple carriers have licensed our load control staff to perform the weight & balance function for their operation.

  • Flight planning and control (EDS, Jeppesen, SITA)
  • Preparation of operational flight plan
  • Provision of meteorological documentation and aeronautical information for each flight
  • Provision of NOTAMS and other special information
  • Provision of crew briefingMonitoring of flight movements
Flight Ops Briefing
Flight Ops Briefing


The services of our  Flight Operation  department revolve around flight planning, crew briefing and effective communication. In times of skyrocketing fuel charges an efficient and accurate flight planning is essential not only to the safe conduct of the flight but to the overall economic success. Our experienced agents select the best and most economic route and draw up the operational plan using your airline's own computer systems, or alternatively EDS, Jeppesen or SITA systems. Flight crews will be provided with all relevant flight information: with the company flight plan, fuel sheets, weather and wind charts, NOTAM - and other required information. To be able to perform these services at a top-professional level our staff undergo training to gain the FAA dispatcher licence and are fully qualified according to JAROPS.

For any information or requests please contact us.

Brigitte Press

Senior Vice President Ramp and Passenger Services +49 69 690 71101
Carlos Cardiga

Senior Vice President Sales & Customer Service +49 69 690-61937