Baggage Handling



The heart of the central ground handling infrastructure of Frankfurt Airport is our baggage handling system with its automatic baggage conveyor facility. Unique in the world in terms of size, functionality and performance, our baggage handling system is a cornerstone that allows for short transfer times for connecting passengers and their baggage - also between terminals, thus providing the Frankfurt hub with a true competitive advantage.

Covering nearly 81 kilometers of conveyor routes, the baggage handling system ensures that on peak days more than 110,000 baggage items are transported quickly and reliably to their destination points. That translates to a peak capacity of 20,000 successfully transferred baggage items per hour at an ordinary transport speed of 2.5 meters per second.

Reliable, intelligent baggage management secures short transfer times. Our reliability rate is 98.69 percent, and our baggage handling system is unrivalled in terms of scale and speed. Continuous modernization and innovations ensure that our system remains state-of-the-art. We introduced the standard-setting concept of safely transporting baggage items in coded plastic tray-type containers that has now been adopted by other airports and has proven its viability for large hub operations worldwide. Our most recent development is the integration of automated one-hundred percent X-ray screening of non-EU transfer baggage into the baggage conveyor system.

  • Central baggage conveyor system for outbound and transfer baggage: Provision and operation of the system for Terminal 1 and 2 as well as for the V3 apron station, including backup function in case of system failure.
  • Gate baggage facilities for outbound baggage: Provision and operation of gate baggage systems at those gates where gate baggage handling is possible.
  • Central baggage system for inbound baggage: Provision and operation of inbound baggage systems in sufficient number in arrival halls A, B, C, D and E.
  • Bulky baggage facilities: Provision and operation of bulky baggage facilities.
  • Central baggage security facilities: Provision and operation of a system that ensures in case of usage that no baggage is carried on a flight unless the owner is aboard the same flight. Unmatched baggage must be authorized for carriage by the airline.
  • Conveyor belt for misdirected baggage, handling of rush baggage and re-classification of baggage as well as baggage tracing: Handling of bags, which did not follow their allocated journey or could not be properly assigned through the handling process and ended up on the conveyor belt for misdirected baggage.
  • Feeding baggage into the hold baggage screening system (§ 5 and 8 LuftSiG - German Air Traffic Act).
  • Customs baggage warehouse: Operation of a central customs baggage warehouse in compliance with the current customs regulations.
  • Capacity: approx. 20,500 baggage items per hour
  • Reliability rate: 98.69 percent
  • Total length of conveyor routes: nearly 81 km
  • Transport speed: 2.5 m/s; maximum speed of 5 m/s
  • Peak record: 119,499 baggage items