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Fraport Ground Services Becomes IATA Regional Training Partner

Fraport Ground Services formed a partnership with the International Air Transport Association (IATA), one of the leading providers of global aviation training solutions. Within the scope of this new cooperation, Fraport Ground Services and IATA Training will be able to host industry-leading courses and diploma programs that are conducted by IATA Instructors using IATA training material.

For many years, IATA has been successfully contracting Regional Training Partners (RTP) around the world. Under the established training scheme, courses have often followed a traditional ‘in-class’ approach. Through this partnership with Fraport Ground Services, IATA trainings can now be offered on the ground for the first time.  The program 2023 at Frankfurt Airport can be found here.

“Together with our partner, we’ve identified clear added value by supplementing the traditional face-to-face training with a practical element. This will allow for an immediate transfer of theoretical knowledge obtained during classroom sessions into an awareness of how things are done in daily operations", explains Andreas Brynecki, Senior Project Manager, Fraport Ground Services Consulting.

These practical on-site sessions will be conducted by designated Fraport Ground Handling experts in all operational fields such as ramp operations, weight and balance duties, passenger services and baggage handling services. “We are proud to add Frankfurt to our RTP network and to have the expertise to partner with one of the most renowned ground service providers in the aviation business. This innovative approach should be well-received by a whole new potential market", adds Guy Brazeau, Director of IATA Training.

Full details can be found and registration should be completed on the IATA website:



Theory and practice go hand in hand with IATA training at Frankfurt Airport:

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