Management and Philosophy

The systematic refinement and continuous improvement of our handling and logistic processes is the cornerstone of our success. Working in tandem with our airline customers, we define, measure and - where required - alternate handling processes to achieve our common goals. The results are value-added solutions that enhance the profitability of your daily business.

With constant innovation, we can always provide you with the right instruments, even if we have to invent them. Working closely with our partners, we have integrated our decades of ground handling experience into our own in-house IT systems that allow us to provide individualized solutions in operative areas to meet your needs as the change.

At a Glance
  • Innovative load master agent concept: the load master of Fraport Ground Services provides additional tasks of an airline's ramp agent enhancing productivity
  • Short transfer times for connecting passengers and their baggage - also between terminals
  • Security control with the baggage reconciliation system FRA-BRS
  • Efficient dispatching of ground handling personnel and equipment in real time with the IT system Padilos II and TESS 3 for cargo transports
  • Online overview of the overall situation in baggage service and optimal use of existing capacity provided by a newly developed baggage operational database
  • Smart Cargo Operating System (SCOPE) to support and speed cargo handling processes

At Fraport Ground Services, we actively practice environmental protection within the scope of Fraport AG’s integrated environmental management system. We do considerably more than the legally prescribed minimum, treating environmental protection as a process of continual improvement. For us, it is a matter of top priority to attain our environmental goals.

We rely on leading-edge technologies to sustainably reduce noise and CO2 emissions and manage other environmental effects.

In order to cut down on CO2 emission on the apron – we are, after all, the largest consumer of fuels at the airport – for years we have been increasing our use of electrically powered equipment. The large number of short-distance trips involved in our activities make it sensible to rely on electric vehicles, which are quieter and emit no direct pollutants.

The CO2 emissions caused by aircraft parked on the ground are also being steadily reduced by gradually switching from diesel generators to stationary ground power units for providing the required electrical power.

The core element of Fraport’s sustainability strategy is environmental management. At Fraport Ground Services, we are contributing to this with our forward-looking activities to minimize environmental burdens.

Healthy employees are an essential prerequisite for Fraport AG’s ability to perform and its business success. Safe, healthy working conditions also contribute greatly to our employees’ motivation and satisfaction with their work.

Innovative measures and solutions to facilitate and support their work are a big part of this:

  • Power Stow Rollertrack Conveyor: a versatile belt loader extension built into a mobile belt conveyor to facilitate the manual loading and offloading of baggage and cargo in the aircraft hold
  • Holders for the handheld communication devices and intercoms in our vehicles
  • Bus and tractor seats with pneumatic suspensions
  • A feature on our baggage towing tractors for automatically approaching and coupling to the trailers
  • Vacuum lifting devices for offloading arriving and transfer baggage
  • Beverage vehicles and “water & apples” campaigns on the apron
  • Assignment of employees with disabilities to support functions
  • Rotating job assignments to reduce stress and monotony
  • Intensive general measures to prevent accidents

Abfertigung durch BVD ( Bodenverkehrsdienste ) A380 Lufthansa Ramp Agentin und Lademeister

The aviation industry is continually subject to fluctuations – from day to day and over the course of a year. These fluctuations pose major practical challenges for managing airports. Changes also have to be made in anticipation of future challenges: corporate strategies have to be adjusted, and processes need to be continually monitored, analyzed, and redesigned for greater effectiveness and efficiency. We are used to anticipating and confronting future developments. And we have learned that, now more than ever, we can achieve more by implementing lean processes.

“Lean Production” at Fraport Ground Services – a Complete New Way of Thinking

By thinking lean, we deliver value without wasting anything. We coordinate our value-adding activities and make efficient use of our resources and time, eliminating everything that is superfluous. Our goal is to continually improve our capabilities and services. In order to establish a stable basis for accommodating future changes, we strive to optimally anchor our business processes, equipment and infrastructure, as well as the mindset and abilities of our employees.

We can only realign our processes by extensively involving all of our customers and staff. We are committed to continually increasing the effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of our services. This optimally prepares us to meet future challenges.

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Dennis Stein

Senior Executive Manager Logistics and Information Management +49 69 690-25013